Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Turkeys

I am so frustrated. Honestly. You'd think I wasn't working two jobs, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and taking care of two kids. I'd love to sit around a library all day, or in class, learning. Taking notes. Learning. What a concept! If we could switch, that would be awesome.

I'm not asking for much. Just fold the clothes when you do the laundry. Don't just dump them on the lounger and let them sit for 3 days. Empty the garbage when it's full. Put your cereal bowl in the dishwasher! Geez! You're 28 years old! You know how to open the damn dishwasher. I am not your mom!

Who, by the way, decided to clean the kitchen when she came for Thanksgiving. Hubs asked her TWICE to stop wiping up the counters and sink - WITH. A. SPONGE. of all things - but she said she didn't have anything else to do. Um, try playing with your grandsons, you old cow! Good Lord! I even sent the boys outside so that she would get out of the house and let Hubs cook in peace. But NOOOOOOOO!!!! I thought I was going to lose it. Really.

There. I said it. And yes, in my previous post, I remarked about how I am greatful for such generous in-laws. And I am. I really am. But I need her to NOT clean my counters. with a sponge. Did I mention she used a sponge???? The nastiest germ-carrying option. Does she not watch Oprah? NO. She's too busy cleaning my kitchen!

Okay, I'm done.

And tonight my mom was on my case about wanting to make sure that Cheeseboy goes to Sunday School every week. Does she not get that Hubs is studying to be a pastor? And that we are VERY involved in our church? And that my child's walk with Christ is the most important thing in his young life? She was actually giving me a hard time. And accusing me of accusing HER of being a bad grandma. I said no such thing. Nothing!

But does she not remember skipping church A LOT when I was young? We hardly ever went. She thinks this is all Hubs' doing. "You sound like your husband!" she says. Like it's a bad thing that God is important to us. You'd think a parent would be proud that her daughter is so committed to walking with the Lord.

Whatever. I have more things to rant about, but I have a ton of papers to grade that are leftover from my Thanksgiving "break" from school that wasn't really a "break" because I was working 40 hours at my other part-time job that I have because Hubs is in school and incapable of working. Did I mention that my mom is on his case for that too? It's been a fun week.

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Nikki said...

Oh hon, I'm so sorry things are so rough.

Wish I could help...

But just remember....there's always alcohol. ;D